A Few Days in Bermuda

If you have a special occasion coming up, but only a few days for a get-away, you might want to consider Bermuda. You will need to have a passport in order to visit, but it’s relatively close to the United States, almost always has perfect weather, and is tropical enough to provide a luxurious feeling. But it is sophisticated yet enough to provide guests with all the comforts of home.

Shortly after getting married, my husband and I took a 4 day jaunt to Hampton, Bermuda, and I found it to be exceptionally pretty and quaint, especially in tourist areas that could be termed “upscale.”

We stayed at the Southhampton Princess, a strikingly lovely resort whose large, open foyer with spiraling staircase lent a feeling of staying in a homey lodge or country inn. With the usual amenities of a deluxe hotel, it offered everything a guest could need, including a shuttle down to the nearby beach. This is an important thing to consider with Bermuda; some accommodations are not directly situated on near the shoreline like they are in many seaside areas. For me, that was the biggest drawback, but at the time, my priority was easy beach accessibility. I happen to like being able to run back to the room in case I need additional items; waiting for a shuttle made the trip a 15-20 minute jaunt each way. It’s not a major issue-especially if lying on the beach for several hours isn’t uppermost on your agenda-but if you’re traveling with kids, you should research until you find a place that may offer this benefit. You may not find such a resort offering its own golf course or other luxury extras, health club, tennis courts, etc., but you may find it more convenient. That said, the famous resorts usually boast private beaches with snorkeling or scuba gear rental close at hand, so, once you get there, you won’t need to travel elsewhere if you decide to indulge.

I believe that I took our own snorkel gear, but don’t have clear recollections of finding striking tropical fish in abundance. In fairness, however, I did not venture out into deep waters nor get any suggestions regarding the optimum sites. However, I really was not as interested in being underwater as I was just gazing upon the lovely scenery. Bermuda is one of those places that look even better than it does on the tourism photos. It’s almost unbelievable how the juxtaposition of colors in sky, water, and hillside residences merge into a fascinating picture of a reality that we urbanites simply aren’t used to experiencing.

Nowhere can you see these sights better than on a short cruise in Hamilton Harbor, a must for tourists with limited time who would like to see as much as possible within a short amount of time. After that, strolling through the many shops along the waterfront is part of the Bermuda experience-check out the English influence and the wealth of men’s colorful Bermuda shorts and knee socks!

Nearby, you can take advantage of horseback riding opportunities as well as DolphinQuest, an attraction at the Royal Naval Dockyard where visitors can swim with those loveable animals. I cannot give my personal recommendation on either facility, but I did go on a spelunking adventure at the Crystal Caves/Fantasy Caves located on the Eastern side of the island. It was a wonderful way to spend a few hours once you have tired of the many other adventures that may beckon-not the least of which is renting a scooter. Now, we did not have time to do this, but I heard that it is definitely an experience-albeit it a slightly scary one.

We visited long before the advent of in-room internet connections, but my investigation showed that many quality resorts now offer this feature, along with four locations if you wish to check your email and don’t have a laptop: Internet Lane Logic Internet Cafe Swiss Connection and TeleBermuda International Customer Centre. Remember that tipping is automatically added to hotel and restaurant charges, money conversion is required to the Bermuda dollar, and European appliances will require electrical adaptors.

For additional information regarding your visit to an almost magical destination, check out http://www.bermuda4u.com/Essential/bermuda_overview.html. And don’t be afraid to fly over the Bermuda Triangle; doing so just adds to the fun!

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