Cirque du Soleil’s Vegas “Love” Production-Not just for Beatles’ Fans

If you’ve never seen a Cirque du Soleil production, you may be wondering what on earth a circus troupe could do that’s worth the high cost of the ticket. Well, for one thing, it’s not a “circus troupe” as such; it’s actually a group of highly skilled entertainers (dancers, gymnasts, acrobats and aerialists) who present the most fascinating and lavish productions in the world.

Now, I must admit that I have only seen 2 of their shows, but I hope to eventually see more. After the first (brought to my hometown a few years back), I was at a loss when trying to describe it to others. Somehow, saying that it was a combination of acrobatics, aerials and dance did not seem to define it. Even commenting on the dance, music and acting did not do it justice, either. My only complaint was that I couldn’t fully watch everything in entirely, as so much was always going on. At almost every given moment, there are at least two areas of activity. Audiences easily have good reason to return, since it could take more than two viewings to catch everything.

I was hoping, however, that wasn’t the case with “Love”, at the Las Vegas Mirage-and it wasn’t. Sure, there was a lot happening at the same time, but there was a bit more cohesiveness about the choreography. Not only that, in a smaller, theatre-in-the-round theater (formerly Siegfried and Roy’s arena), it was easier to view the production from a clear vantage point. I do not feel that I missed much, but there was still a huge amount happening on stage that I wasn’t able to fully follow during much of the hour and half production.

With back to back Beatles’ music (original, but remixed and in a-capella versions), it is a constant display of light shows, dancing, aerial acts, acrobatics, skating, acting and mime-all done in the most imaginative and colorful manner possible representational to the 60’s. The performers astound, as to be expected, and one is left wondering about not only their individual expertise, but at the collaboration among the set directors and choreographers to have created perfect timing in the face of what appears to be mayhem.

I will offer my favorite numbers:
“Something”-A male dancer with 4 female trapeze artists, with exquisite choreography utilizing perfect synchronicity.
“Lucy in the Sky”-A solo, female aerialist ballet with dazzling, glittering lighting in which the performer’s glittering attire corresponded with the brilliancy of the “diamonds”.
“The Benefit of Mr. Kite”-A spectacular, fantasy filled act that can only be said to mimic
a chemically-enhanced circus experience that perhaps John, Paul, George and Ringo enjoyed, but that Cirque du Soleil alone is able to visually create for all of us.

By the time the words “We hate to see you go” are heard in the last number, not only does the audience feel the love, but the cast appears to feel the same. With an extended curtain call while confetti spills down on all, it’s indeed something that John, Paul, George and Ringo would have found to their liking. It’s almost impossible to leave without a smile, humming some tunes, or both.

Even if you’ve never been a big fan, in all likelihood, there will be something in the production that will touch you. Just like with classical music, their music is timeless and appeals to all ages and backgrounds.

Some folks may find it a bit high priced, but, even the less expensive seats are great. In fact, some viewers have reported that they actually prefer the seats in the higher elevation to take in more of the production. My family and I reserved our tickets online, directly with the theatre, with no problems. The Mirage’s waiting area consists of a long space with under-lit floor tiles, beneath an arch of rainbows, with a silhouette of the Beatles as the focal point at the end…It’s a great photo-op, but you’ll need to revisit during the day when no one is waiting to have it to yourself. As expected, there are many memorabilia items in the connecting gift shop, as well as the CD, so you’ll be able to relive the experience and enjoy it even more.

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