Coconut Grove, Florida – A Local’s Guide For Tourists

Coconut Grove is one of the areas your should make a point to visit when staying in the Miami area. One of the oldest communities in Miami, the Grove, as it is commonly referred to locally, overlooks lovely Biscayne Bay and offers an eclectic style that tends to lure “interesting” types as residents. Coconut Grove is home to authors, artists, musicians, business owners, and inventors. .

The Grove also has a vibrant retail and entertainment center which includes Coco Walk, The Streets of Mayfair, and the shopping areas and streets in the center of the grove, all of which are outdoor venues . The boutiques, restaurants and jewelry carts create an outdoor atmosphere that make Coconut Grove one of the more desirable destinations for tourists.

The Grove is not a wild place, but a rather sedate place. It is a nice place to walk around, hang out, have a cup of coffe, enjoy a nice meal, etc. The clubbing here lacks. If your looking to party, you’ll find that on South Beach, global class.

Within Coconut Grove are a few key attractions:

Villa Viscaya – This is kind of the Hearst Castle of South Florida, if you will. This was built by importing entire rooms from European castles, then building a spanish style residence around them, surrounded by formal gardens. When you go, make sure to take the tour.

Miami Museum of Science – This is more for kids than for adults. Located on the far North side of the grove, I recommend this for families.

Favorite restaurants of mine include:

Jaguar – This is extremely good food. From the outside, it does not look like much, although inside it is quite nice. Jaguar offers a slightly hip atmosphere, a vibrant crowd, and excellent foods with a concentration on ceviches and other dishes with a similar taste.

Green Street Cafe – The atmosphere offered by their street side cafe, combined with a solid and dependable menu, make this a great option.

Le Bouchon – This French bistro is a local favorite. Always packed, and always lively, but pricey, this is a great way to experience a bit of the upscale quirky lifestyle of The Grove.

Christabelle’s – I’ve not been there, but it is beautiful, and I hear good things about it. This is a multi-story New Orleans restaurant on Green Street. If nothing else, it is worth going to check out the building. They must have spent a fortune on this.

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