Dahab – A Haven for the Overworked and Overly Stressed

Why Visit Dahab?

Nestled on the edge of the Red Sea and hundreds of miles away from any major Egyptian city, Dahab is a haven for the overworked and overly stressed with its tranquil atmosphere and lovely beaches that beckon you to relax while enjoying the year-round warm weather. Dahab is truly a paradise for outdoor activity enthusiasts with a large number of diving spots, stellar wind and kite surfing conditions, and fantastic underwater coral reefs. Many travelers also come to Dahab to enjoy the challenges of climbing the St. Catherine mountain range as well as climbing the massive granite boulders in the wadis of the Sinai Desert. Whether you seek a wide range of outdoor adventures or simply seek to laze the days away lying on the beach and swimming in the Red Sea, Dahab is a wonderful place to escape from everyday life and take in the sublime splendor of nature.

Things To Do 

Divers of all skill levels from all over the world flock to Dahab to enjoy the diving areas as well as explore the coral reefs, many of which are in protected areas to prevent damage to the coral. The lagoon at the south end of town is very popular with wind and kite surfers seeking to take advantage of the nearly constant winds of the area without dealing with strong waves, with the area south of the lagoon being popular with surfers and advanced windsurfers for its stronger winds and waves. If you happen to visit Dahab during a rare windless time yet still wish to surf, you can arrange a trip to the desert to try your hand at sandboarding, or sliding down desert dunes on a specialized board. Daytime and overnight guided desert excursions to partake of the desert’s beauty are also popular activities with visitors to Dahab.

Hotels In Dahab 

Whether you’re a backpacker seeking out budget hotels or a traveler seeking luxurious accommodations, Dahab hotels offer a wide choice of inexpensive yet incredibly comfortable rooms and English speaking staff. As Dahab is a highly popular diving destination, nearly all hotels in Dahab have an on-site diving center or have on-site dive instructors who can provide tours of local popular diving spots. Although some of the lower-end hotels and camps do not have air-conditioning in their rooms, many of Dahab’s mid-range and luxury hotels do offer air-conditioned rooms and are conveniently located either near the beach or immediately by the heart of the town. Backpackers on a tight budget can choose from a wide variety of camps, hostels and hotels that offer incredibly modest nightly rates and the feel of a home away from home. Several of these budget hotels offer free breakfasts and coffee to guests staying at their hotel. Should you want to feel completely pampered during your stay, the 5 star hotels in Dahab are definitely worth a look. With several on-site restaurants offering various fine dining opportunities, spacious rooms that are elegantly decorated, and on-site spas, these luxury hotels excel at making their guests feel completely pampered. Book Hotels in Dahab by Sincern.com following the link http://www.sincern.com/hotels-in-dahab.php or click Hotels in Dahab.

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