Fashion and the City- Halifax’s Own Fashion Maven

During a recent trip to the mall, my friend Jensen remarked that it’s not easy to be fashionable in a city that isn’t fashionable in any sense. “Halifax is not in touch with the rest of the planet,” she commented. “This city has no idea what’s in or out. I bet if you stopped most people on the street and asked them when New York fashion week is held, both for the spring/summer and fall/winter lines, very few people would know. It’s too bad because this city has so much to offer in other areas. We need to become more cosmopolitan, more up on the trends. But fashion?” She wrinkled her nose and shook her head. “It’s nada here.”

With a knowing smile I responded with raised eyebrows, “Except for us of course?”

“But of course. That goes without saying.” Her eyes lit up and her smile was mischievous. “You and I are Halifax’s own fashion mavens. We care about fashion and we’re not afraid to show it. We are an unheard of breed in this city my dear friend.”

Her comments got me to thinking. Sure Halifax, being the capital city of Nova Scotia and also the most populated of the Atlantic provinces, is not exactly a thriving metropolis like Montreal or Toronto but let’s face it, we are also considerably smaller. The greater Halifax area has approximately 100,000 people while Halifax and surrounding area is home to 400,000. As compared to the millions in Montreal or Toronto, I don’t think we are doing too badly. Granted we’re not a hotbed of fashion activity like New York City, Paris or Milan but we can hold our own all right.

Can’t we?

Not everyone can be Carrie Bradshaw (and of course not everyone wants to be) but I do my best to be a stylish and “in the know” woman about town. I love to dress up and go out and like Carrie, shoes really are my best friend (or come in a pretty close second). Let’s see what I have on the social agenda … tonight it’s a wine and cheese party and I’ve chosen a pair of soft black trousers, a sexy navy camisole, and a pair of dressy mules. A chic and classy look in my humble opinion. Of course there’s a pair of gold hoop earrings, a gold bracelet, a spritz of … oh what kind of cologne will it be tonight? I can’t make up my mind, my vanity table is replete with choices. Oh yes I can now- Obsession by Calvin Klein it is going to be. It’s my old standby, my can’t-make-up-my-mind fragrance. And now what should I wear, my velvet jacket or that new dressy wrap I just bought? Decisions, decisions …

Halifax may not have it’s own fashion week twice a year but I’m doing my part to show others that fashion should (and most definitely can) be a priority in this city I have always loved. I’ll let my friend Jensen be her cynical self and think as she wishes. But a city without its eye on fashion? I beg to differ!

Note- If you were stumped by Jensen’s question at the beginning, here is the answer: New York City hosts fashion week twice a year. The fall shows are held the preceding winter in February while the spring shows are held the preceding late summer, in September. The actual dates vary from year to year. The shows are held in a place called Bryant Park which is located at 42nd and Sixth. Bryant Park is an eight-acre park that for the sake of the high profile galas, is converted into an area full of tents and lots of frantic fashion activity. Anybody who is anybody in the fashion world attends these events.

The closest fashion mecca to Halifax is to be found in central Canada, which is to be more exact, stylish Toronto, Ontario which is home to 4,682,897 people (according to a census done in 2001). Toronto is the largest city in Canada and is the fifth most populated city in North America after Mexico City, Los Angeles, New York and Chicago. The dates of October 16th to the 21st of this year are set aside for Toronto’s fashion week when all fashion designers and self confessed fashionistas will be out in full swing enjoying the festivities. During this exciting week in Toronto the spring collection for 2007 will be unveiled.

Now aren’t you glad you learned something new today?!

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