Fun Things to See and Do in Billings, Montana

Last summer, my husband, my son, and I traveled to the beautiful Billings, Montana for my husband’s work. We were quite surprised to find the city not only breathtakingly beautiful, but there was also a ton of different things to do. When we found out that we would be traveling all the way from Wisconsin, where we currently live, to Montana, I was thinking that I would be dead bored for the whole trip. Boy was I ever wrong.

The first thing we saw when we were driving to Billings was The Little Bighorn Battlefield, where Custer took his last stand. Although it is not located in Billings, it is still a great piece of history that you should check out if you are ever near Billings. The first things that our young son noticed were the large mountains. Billings is surrounded by many different mountain ranges.

When we arrived in Billings, we stayed at the Holiday Inn where we picked up a small newsletter where we learned some of the history of Billings, Montana. Billings was established in the year 1882 by the President of the Northern Pacific Railroad, Frederick Billings. Thousands of years before, the area was populated by many different Native American tribes who left their history by making pictographs and petroglyphs. You can go into any gift store in Billings to buy Native American novelties. Billings gained the nickname The Magic City, because people say that is grew like magic when the railroad expanded westward.

When you think of Billings, Montana, or anywhere in Montana in fact, you probably think of small, desolate towns with nothing to do. At least, that is what I thought before I visited Billings. One of the best things about Billings is all of the great stores and popular restaurants. I was scared that there would not even be a Burger King, but there were so many different restaurants that we did not get to eat at them all before we left back home. Besides all of the stores, malls, and restaurants, there are also many hotels in the city of Billings. The nightlife is also very exciting in Billings. Any night of the week, you can drive down the main street and see tons of people out having fun, eating, shopping, and spending time with their family and friends. Billings holds a party called Alive After Five, which is where they close down a few streets, and there are street dances, live bands, great food, and an all around great time!

Since my husband went to Billings to work, we tried to do as many things as a family that we could on the weekends. My son had a great time when we took him to the zoo located in Billings. Although the zoo is somewhat small, my son had a great time. When we walked through the bird barn, one bird actually landed on my husbands arm while he was holding our son! Talk about up close and personal! My son got to pet the bird and talk to him. My husband had to take the bird off his arm and set him on top of a barrel. Our son’s favorite animal there was the goose. The animals and the people at the zoo are very friendly. When we were finished walking through the zoo and looking at the animals, my son played on the playground, and crawled through cement tunnels. We all had a great time!

The weekend after we went to the zoo, my husband and I took our son to the Yellowstone River. We walked down a hiking trail and saw many wildlife animals. When we were walking, I almost stepped on a snake! Although I like animals, that did not make me very happy. We got to take many great scenic pictures, and a lot of pictures of our son with a beautiful background. The weather was great, and there were not a lot of other people around.

If you ever get a chance to visit Billings, Montana, do not pass it up. It is a beautiful city with many fun things to do. You can do everything from going to the zoo to going to see Professional Bull Riders, which our family did. If you do visit, try to do and see as many fun things as you can!

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  1. Thank you for this information. My husband is going to Montana for 5 weeks of work. Our 4 year old and myself will also be going out there. Thank you for your suggestions and the encouraging info. Please add more if there is anything specific you would suggest!

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