Gay Travel To Columbus Ohio

For gay men, travel in the United Stated for gay men could be a bit daunting. Ever since the horrific events that took place at Stonewall in the mid seventies gay and lesbian issues have been brought to the forefront of the American consciousness. Even today, gay marriage and other rights of gays and lesbians are being challenged in major political races across the country. Since Stonewall, gays and lesbians have made it a point to nurture and create communities that caters to their needs and wants. Most major cities have gone so far as to establish gay communities to help flounder this, Montreal being one of those cities which has created the largest gay district in North America. The mid western cities littered though out the United States are starting to follow suit. Columbus, Ohio has a flourishing gay area and here are some places that gays and lesbians traveling to Columbus must see during their stay.

When visiting a city for more than one night, one of your major concerns would naturally be where you are going to get your beauty rest. Fro gays and lesbians, this is a concern because they are going to want to feel free to hug their boyfriend and kiss their girlfriends without drawing gasps and strange looks. While visiting Columbus, I would suggest laying your pretty head at the Courtyard Marriott downtown Columbus. This three star hotel is within walking distance of the cities gay district and will their attendants will not raise an eyebrow when the book equipped with only a queen size bed for two men traveling together or turn their heads to see two men embraced in a passionate goodbye kiss feet from the doors that enter into the lobby. The only thing that one would have to be careful of is the close proximity also to the city’s convention center.

There is more to picking a place to eat then finding a place to end your hunger. When visiting a city, what is the use simply eating a McDonald’s or Chipotle? You can find one of those in any major city in the United States. That’s no fun. When you have graced a different city with your presence, one of the best ways to experience the city’s flava’ is by tasting a different one. Like in most gay districts of cities in the United States, some of the best eateries can be found where the “Queens” play and this truth has not been lost on the land locked city of Columbus. While here, I would recommend walking from you hotel room just a few short block north on High Street and treat your taste buds to the delectable wares that can be found at 8. 8 is a new restaurant in Columbus that fuses upscale dinning with dirt cheap prices. Try their tuna fish and mushroom soup combo for $7, you will not be disappointed.

Now that you have settled in to your nice three star hotel room and filled your stomach with some local delectable eats, now it is time to research the real reason that you traveled to the middle of Ohio; to PARTY. Though cites such as Montreal, New York, Miami Los Angeles and San Francisco boast some of the sweetest eye candy, a good ol’ fashioned, corn bread country boy should not be subtracted from the list as quickly as some may think to. This may be one of the reasons why some may surpass the larger cities to visit Columbus. For us folks that are in our mid to late twenties, the perfect place to let your hair down is at Q. Q is just walking distance from your Marriott oasis to the east. Though small, Q has two levels with lounging areas, a dance floor, square bar tops and a front bar, this little chib (Korean for house) can pack a big punch.As the night wore on the capacity of the little placed filled and I felt as if I was in Chicago at Hydrate on a Saturday night.

So the next time that you want to travel to a city to check out its gay scene, do not discount the Midwest. It has more to offer than one may think!

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