Hot Spot Bora-Bora Filipinas

In southeastern part of Asia, there is one traveling destination for wind and wave enthusiasts- Boracay. It is the underwater adventure found in the visayas region of the Philippines. What Boracay is diverse same as the diverse of people who came to visit area will not believe the different activities it can offer aside from swimming and aquatic experience. The following ideas can be your itinerary when you tour and relax in the most visited place in the Philippines.

In boat sailing, you can choose from so many options. Captain Joey the Red Pirate offers snorkeling equipment, even food preparation, sailing boat and the cruise. Dine in the Red Pirates chill out bar with an exotic concept of the bar itself. Relax with little bar can offer, music and purely the perfect scenery of nature. Another sailing vessel to be booked in Nigi nigi’s Bar that provides 40-foot yacht Tamarind that has 3 different packages varying in time whose food inclusive to the fee. Sail from one island to another and discover underwater cave in Balinghai.

Souvenirs and one-stop shopping is also a hit in the island, wherein you can find Tiangge, an outdoor commercial stalls and vendors that will assist you. Almost everywhere, you will find souvenir shops from the local handmade to branded items that are affordable, hip and trendy. Find the bikini suit, underwater garments and sarong.

Site seeing of the flying bats at sunset is the main attraction when you get the boat ride into the north side of the island. Bats are part of the ecosystem that exist in Boracay including other endangered species that lives in the mountains and these are monkeys, turtles, birds and these fruit bats. Fruits bats totaled a thousand that slowly lessened due to commercialization and loss preservation. However, stunning sights of these undomesticated exotic bats are still breathtaking.

Afterwards, a boat ride going to Bolabog beach will untangled your love for butterflies for they offer a little garden. A little lesson on how the life cycle of the butterflies with the assistance of the accommodating couple that are pleased to tour you around. In addition, Bolabog beach is famous for its Kite boarding where the Ocean Republic provides equipment for kiting. Friendly people will assist you on getting started with kite boarding. It is a fun way to take outdoor activities and sweat under the sun or get the even gold tan. What is amazing with kite boarding is it releases that good energy and playfulness in you.

Another outdoor activity wherein you can watch or participate is the horse back riding at Boracay Horse riding stables. You can take horse riding in solo or with accompanied expert to help you all the way which opens from 6 in the morning till 6 pm. Only you will get to pay in dollars approximately 10$ for an hour ride, having it is quite an experience especially if you have not done this activity.

At the end of the day, after a tiring outdoor and heat of the sun a standby massage parlor will cater to rejuvenate your body. A spa is the most convenient for you. Many Filipino blind people get these jobs and a lot are satisfied to their service. Choose different services such as Swedish massage, shiatsu, and acupressure for a very reasonable price. It is most convenient if you get the massage in the evening since it can be very relaxing and the air is refreshing.

At night, chill out with the best bars in town, disco bars, and excellent food service. Boracay is always a place to be when you want to have fun either with group or with loved one. Bars are just around to give soulful, rnb, rap music and even comedy bars where you can have a good laugh. Summer place, Red pirate bar, Bombom bar and Bubble bar are bars you can choose from a long list of bars you can find in Boracay all giving the right night groove in whatever you want it; dancing, singing or just chilling out.

Boracay is also rich in terms of culture and tradition. They celebrate fiesta during the third week of January for Santo Nino- a feast for the holy infant Jesus. Almost all regions in visayas consider this feast and Cebu as an island close to Boracay also celebrate this feast. A spectacle of road parade showing musicians and beautiful muses of Boracay. A perfect time for picture taking to with the parade of street dancing commemorating the different tribes existing in the region.

Unlimited options and packages you can always choose from the hotels and inns where you can stay with very friendly people to assist you. Boracay is always alive with parties whether in nighttime or in daytime. Tourists take both sides of the world, partying and even experiencing water, sun and nature all in one.

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