Hot Summer Fashion Hits for the Female Traveler

Ah, good ole summertime, the season of barbecues, bare skin, beaches and lots of hot fashions. No matter where you travel this summer ladies there are certain staples that every fashionista must remember to pack and do to completely enjoy the summer to it’s fullest. Make it a summer vacation to remember and enjoy with these summer essentials.

We begin with:

Flip-flops are fun, functional, cute and a great way to show off your summer pedicure. They look terrific with skirts, pants and shorts. Just a bit of advice though from someone who knows- they are NOT meant for walking great distances in- OUCH!

Tank Tops
Tank tops are cheap to buy and can be worn casual or dressed up. Wear a tank with shorts, jeans, capris or skirts. There are so many options and they come in tons of different colors and styles.

The Flirty Skirt
Summer skirts are very “in”. They come in many different styles, colors, materials, patterns, lengths and prices. They can easily be worn with different tops- try it with a tank, a halter or tee shirt. Many summer skirts are cut on the bias, which flatters all figures.

Halter Top or Dress
These are classics so they deserve their own category. They pay homage to the earlier, gentler days of summer. They flatter figures and are perfect under a light cardigan or blazer. Black is a classic color of choice as it is sophisticated, stylish and just plain looks fantastic but patterned halters are the rage as well. Go with what you like best and what suits your tastes.

Empire Dresses
Empire dresses look so lively that they’re an instant pick-me-up to your confidence and energy levels. Also they announce individuality with a capital I. Everyone does not wear them and that is definitely part of their appeal. Plus if you shop carefully and with a discerning eye you are guaranteed to find one that fits your figure perfectly!

The Summer Purse
Choose from straw, rattan, canvas, totes, clutches, colorful plastic beach bags and Kelly bags. Nothing says leisure and R and R like a breezy summer purse. The great thing is that they are very affordable so you can own as many different styles and colors as your heart desires! After all accessories are as important as the outfit. Mustn’t forget that!

Nail Polish (Fingernails and Toenails)
This one is the perfect tribute to the season. Go without polish the rest of the year but don’t you dare neglect to color up during the heat of summer. Go for splashy hot pink, racy red, brazen bronze and get those fingernails and toenails noticed. Or for a change, go white- try the French manicure. It is very clean looking not to mention ultra chic. A definite winner.

Slingbacks and Slides
These are not to be confused with flip-flops. They are much more classic and definitely carry an air of class and sophistication. Slingbacks (which you can start wearing as early as April) and slides (let it warm up a little and then haul them out from the back of your closet) are some of the most flattering and stylish footwear around. Match them up with your dressy outfits and you’re all set!

Shrug off the vestiges of a long, harsh winter by making an appointment with your friendly esthetician. You will feel better, look better and it will help you to enjoy your summer to its fullest. There is a reason why products such as Nair, Neet and waxing strips are sold. Ask any athlete. Electrolysis is expensive and time consuming but permanent if you want to go that route. Consider getting your eyebrows done too ladies. Once smoothed into the right arch, they perform a valuable face-framing function, which is particularly important when you’re wearing a minimal amount of makeup.

Capris are short summer pants that are so versatile. They come in many different lengths, whether they be capri pants, pedal pushers or clam diggers. These are a summer staple. They are lightweight and look great with almost everything. They are summery enough to wear to work with a blouse or to head to the beach with a tank top or halter. Plus when summer rains come calling, there are no heavy pant legs or hems to drag through puddles or to drag around period.

A definite summer must-have. They come in all different brands, types, shades, colors and styles that you could own a variety of pairs. They are as cheap or as expensive as you want to go. Just make sure before buying a pair that they contain standard UV protection. An added plus of sunglasses is that they help ward off wrinkles and what woman wouldn’t be pleased with that?

The Toe Ring and the Ankle Bracelet
Okay so maybe neither one of these are absolute necessities but they are both hot, hot, hot for the summertime! An ankle bracelet has been a permanent fixture of mine every summer since I was 18. And if you can find a toe ring that fits comfortably then your sexy ratio will go up ten fold! Trust me!

The Visor or Hat
Don’t forget your head as you prepare for a day at the park, beach campsite or pool. Whether your preference is a visor or a hat they are both functional and fashionable when the sun is beating down. Visors fit on just about any head and hats come in a wide variety of materials, fabrics, colors and styles. While they are not acceptable at dinners or social engagements, they are perfectly okay at barbecues, beaches, patios and shopping. If your choice is a visor then go for a rattan one. It is more polished looking and will hold up well.

Hairpins & Accessories
This is an especially important one for ladies with long or shoulder length locks. There are many different varieties of hair accessories to jazz up your do, keep your hair out of your face and keep your neck cool. Bejeweled hairpins, clamps and barrettes, and that’s just the beginning. Experiment with different ones. Consider the many possibilities!

Lip Gloss
This is one of summer’s favorite makeup items. It has a lot to offer. It is light and dewy, it complements a tanned face and it plumps up even the thinnest of lips. There are so many varieties at so many prices that you can afford to try out as many colors as you like. Layer lip gloss over lipstick or wear it alone. It delivers a hint of color and that’s all you really need this time of year. Plus the wet look of gloss makes it very sexy and kissable looking! You don’t need lip liner like you do with lipstick and gloss can be applied without a mirror.

Bright Eyeshadow
Put those darker, smoky shades away for now, it’s time for the pearlized shadows of summer. In the makeup world summer nights call for more bolder and brighter colors. This is not the time to be shy makeup wise! Try one of the new hues available in green or blue. Experiment and find out what looks good on you. Applied properly and paired with a light swipe of mascara, the bright eyeshadows of summer take away the need for eyeliner.

Hair Highlights
No need to try to blend into the crowd this time of the year. Try something new! Go a little wacky and lighten up with some summer hair highlights. Highlights add volume to hair and who would say no to more volume?! They frame your face and throw a little more pizzazz into your summer look.

Floral Anything
Flowers, floral, they all speak of the carefree days of summer. Some women don’t like to even consider the floral motif in clothing. They believe it to be a fashion faux pas because of the fear that it will make their less than perfect figures look, well, even worse- it might enhance their hips, stomach, chest, arms or legs more than they want. But really now, nothing says breezy and summery like a great floral pattern. Besides it’s one of the only times of the year that you can look like a garden and get away with it. Try different designs and styles and find the one that makes you feel the most comfortable. Throw caution to the wind and indulge a little!

So now you’re ready to take on summer! Just one last thing, don’t forget the sunscreen before you head outdoors. I recommend one with 15 or 30 SPF. Nothing can kill a good time and ruin the summer season (or a fun filled summer vacation) like a painfully (ouch!) uncomfortable and potentially dangerous, sunburn. Relax, have fun and be safe.

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