Ice Cream on Maine’s Coast

The state of Maine is known for its summer vacation lure. Visitors travel to Maine from all corners of the globe to take advantage of the mild summer temperatures, the fresh, clean, and unspoiled landscape, the uncrowded beaches, the thick woods, the many lakes, and all the summer outdoor recreation opportunities. But that is not all. There is of course the plethora of tourist attractions, including various lighthouses along the Maine coast, quaint, family-owned restaurants that serve fresh lobster right out of the Atlantic, and the many historic landmarks that show Maine’s place in American and World history. But one of the lesser talked-about features found in the state of Maine are the large number of ice cream establishments that can be found in just about every small town. While Maine summers are mild, they still get hot temperatures in July and August, sometimes well into the 90s. Mainers like to keep cool in their above-ground swimming pools, the various swimming ponds and lakes, and at the local ice cream establishments. Following are a few favorite ice cream places in Maine.

Dairy Frost is a drive-up ice cream shack located in Brunswick, Maine, just across the street from the Brunswick Naval Air Station. Visitors park in the small parking lot and order their ice cream through a window. There is a huge variety of ice cream and ice cream related treats. From the more than thirty flavors of soft-serve to the many varieties of locally made Gifford’s ice cream. Dairy Frost offers banana splits, malts, sundaes, and everything in between. Visitors will enjoy sitting on the lawn on picnic tables as they enjoy their cool, summer treat!

Just down the road from Dairy Frost is one of the world famous Cold Stone Creameries. New to the Brunswick area, Cold Stone has made a huge splash and is nearly as popular as the local establishments. Cold Stone offers its signature ice cream complete with a huge variety of toppings and mix-ins, and the staff entertains guests with singing and friendliness.

Just across the Androscoggin River in the small town of Topsham, is a Dairy Queen that has been in business for many years. Located on Main Street in Topsham, the old-fashioned, drive-up Dairy Queen only serves ice cream and related treats; no burgers or hot dogs at THIS Dairy Queen. A sign atop the roof claims that many years ago, Lyndon B. Johnson ate there; but visitors do not care. They love to order their blizzards and other treats to enjoy as they walk down the main street of town, or lounge on the picnic tables on the lawn behind the building.

More inland is the town of Wayne, Maine, just north of Maine’s capitol city of Augusta. Wayne has a tiny walk-up ice cream shack called Tubby’s, which serves its own delectable home-made ice cream to eager visitors. Tubby’s makes all its ice cream from scratch, right on site, and uses only natural ingredients. Set just on the edge of a scenic pond, visitors will enjoy sitting on benches, strolling around the pond, or hanging their feet off the footbridge, as they enjoy their creamy treats.

Farther up the coast in beautiful Bar Harbor is Jordan Pond Ice Cream; some of the creamiest ice cream to be found on the planet. Here, visitors can walk inside to order, but there is no place to sit. After purchasing their decadent ice cream and perhaps a slice of homemade fudge, visitors will want to walk across the street to the scenic park just on the edge of the harbor. Some of the favorite flavors at Jordan Pond Ice Cream are the coconut and peach ice creams.

In the bustling shopping town of Freeport, Maine, there are several ice cream shops which will tempt visitors’ taste buds, but one of the favorites lies just outside the front doors of the world famous L.L. Bean Outdoor Store. After tourists have shopped to their hearts content, they will want to step outside next to the waterfall and visit the Ben & Jerry’s ice cream shop. Known across American for having hilarious names for its ice cream, Ben & Jerry’s in Freeport lives up to its famous name and offers decadent ice cream for everyone who passes through its doors.

While most visitors do not travel to Maine solely for its ice cream, they will definitely want to take advantage of these and other ice cream shops while traveling in the pine tree state. Bon Voyage!

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