Is Georgia on your mind? Visit the Old South!

I can honestly say that Georgia is one of my favorite states of those I have ever visited. It isn’t really the attractions as much as the ambiance; warm sunny breezes, beautiful Spanish moss-laden branches swaying, fantastic rivers and swamps, and stately plantation homes. I truly don’t believe there is another state that quite shares Georgia’s beauty. Of course, although my love for the state goes beyond things to see and do, Georgia certainly has plenty of attractions, not only in the larger cities, but in small-town places as well. Huge cities like Atlanta and Savannah – each with their own distinct charms – have plenty of things to offer vacationing families.


Georgia’s huge capital is one of the state’s many prime tourist destinations. Attractions are divided between history related sites and more modern things to experience. Atlanta’s role in the Civil War is widely known and many Georgians still feel a sense of pride that their ancestors fought in this great conflict. Their respect of fallen heroes is best seen at the Atlanta Cyclorama and Civil War Museum. Come and see a huge mural rising over 40 feet, showing Atlanta’s famous battle near the end of the Civil War. Exhibits and an old steam train at the adjoining museum will be well worth your time.

For another glimpse of Georgia’s illustrious past, visit the Atlanta History Center. You will find reconstructions of 19th century life here, contrasting experiences at a farm and a Georgian mansion. Be prepared to thoroughly enjoy the artifacts and many colorful exhibits you will see here. There are also gardens, offering a beautiful glimpse of Georgia’s striking natural beauty. Take advantage of the state’s wonderful climate and scenery by staying awhile, even if just to soak it all in and relax.

If you have tired of Atlanta’s regal heritage and want to get a sense of wonder exploring nature, hop on over to Atlanta Zoo. Atlanta Zoo hasn’t stopped growing for decades and will likely continue to do so. From monkeys to rare Chinese pandas, you’ll find countless animals here to stimulate your love of the wild. Atlanta Zoo will be a big hit if you’re traveling with children.

For an experience that is both educational and fun, try Fernbank Science Center. There doesn’t seem to be too much that this place does not have. Here you will learn about Georgia’s development spanning thousands of years, and there are aerial exhibits to satisfy little space travelers as well. They even offer an aviation camp on the grounds; if you’re not up to the challenge, perhaps you’d enjoy watching other people try their hand.


Savannah means different things to different people. To most, it is a luxurious piece of the Old South where time has stood still for 150 years and carriages still carry tourists to visit the city’s historical sites. Savannah is all this and more. From architecture to attractions, Savannah has it all. Although it was founded many years before the Civil War, it gained its importance during these turbulent years of the 19th century.

It’s impossible to visit Savannah without studying its role in not only the Civil War, but the history of America. For just one of many historical homes open to the public, stop by the Green-Meldrim House. This particular home has significance in Savannah history for being Union General Sherman’s temporary center of operations in 1864. It is easy to understand why he chose this particular home; its ancient style of architecture is both unusual and pleasing to the eye. Other homes, such as the graceful Owens-Thomas House, are worth at least driving by on your tour through the town.

Old Fort Jackson is a great place to find Civil War artifacts and get a taste of Georgian life in the 19th century. Fort Jackson is Georgia’s oldest military fortification still standing and was built in the early years of the 19th century. It was famous not only in the “War Between the States” but also the War of 1812. The barracks and other parts of Fort Jackson have been carefully preserved.

For history mixed with modern enjoyment, try a haunted pub tour, the old-fashioned city market, a maritime museum, and much more. Whether or not history is your forte, you’ll find plenty of things to keep you busy in Savannah.

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