Last Minute Weekend Getaways

By Christina VanGinkel

Taking a last minute, unplanned excursion for the weekend can be a great way to get in some much needed relaxation. Because you have not spent a lot of time planning, some of you might feel like these quick getaways are not all that they are cracked up to be, but I would disagree. Especially if you can keep it simple, and just go with the flow. They can be a way to recharge your personal batteries with little effort on your part. By simply giving yourself a view that is different from your day in and day out routine, life can seem to provide you with that breather you have been in search of. These quick getaways can include your children, if you have any, or just your significant other. If you are single, then what are you waiting for? Get going no matter who is or who is not going with you. Be warned though, that once you take one of these quick weekend trips, you will soon be trying to fit in another one as soon as you can! As a woman who is married, and a mother and grandmother, my excursions usually include my spouse and at least one or two children, yet I love my weekends that we sneak off unplanned as much as any well planned vacation we take, maybe even more so, because nothing is expected during these trips except kicking back and doing nothing!

Maybe you suddenly realize that you are really in need of a break. At the same time, you might also have a weekend where you honestly have nothing planned, at least not anything that cannot be set aside. In order to clear a weekend quickly, learn to rate your weekend priorities. Ask yourself if you have any plans that involve a major event with the primary people in your life. This includes children and bosses (not co-workers, just bosses). Significant others are not to be considered, as they will of course be going with you. Housework is also not an excuse. The floors were not mopped all week, and the beds were left unmade, so what if they stay that way over one weekend. If you are the sort that just cannot stand leaving your house when it is a wreck, set a timer for one hour before you leave and do a speed clean so when you do arrive home, all of your stress does not come rolling back at you full force because of the stack of dishes in the sink. Remember to clean only for the hour though, and just the most obvious mess so your senses are not offended upon arriving home.

Then, get in the car and drive to wherever your senses tell you to go. We live rurally, so we usually head to the nearest large city, which is Green Bay, Wisconsin. If you live in a city, maybe your drive will be taking you in the opposite direction, into the countryside. Do make a hotel reservation before you head out the door, or at least take your cell phone with you, and call a hotel to book a room for your arrival on the way.

Once you arrive. Do whatever you want, even if that is nothing. You are paying for the room, so take advantage of it. My favorite is ordering room service, even if the room service order is a pizza! We usually book a room at a hotel that has at least a hot tub, and usually a pool. I love to swim, but my husband does not. He will just sit poolside with a drink, and people watch, or read a newspaper. I might lie on a float in the pool, while our thirteen year old usually heads for a game room or the water slide if there is one. My point being, you should keep in mind that a getaway means not having to do anything you do not want to do, even what others in the family might want. I would never ask my husband to swim with me, as A, I know how much he enjoys just chilling out, and B, I like my bit of solitude on the float in the middle of the pool.

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