Must Do Fall Activities in Dickinson County, Upper Michigan

By Christina VanGinkel

If you find yourself in the Dickinson County area of Upper Michigan this fall, be sure to check their calendar of events for some must do fall activities. I found a copy through their website,, under tourism. Look to the left hand column and you will find the calendar right at the top. Some of the events you will discover include:

Leif Erickson Day Fall Festival

In Norway Michigan, come October, you will find the town in full regalia for the annual Leif Erickson Day Fall Festival. A celebration in honor of the country the town shares their name with; it has become the kickoff to various fall activities. You will find a fully stocked farmer’s market where everything from apples to gourds can be had. Do not forget to pick up a few jack-o-lanterns and cornstalks too for all of your Halloween and Thanksgiving decorating you have yet to do. Hayrides, pony rides, and a petting zoo are available for the youngest visitors, a craft bazaar, including a variety of handcrafts from quilting to blacksmithing, and food to satisfy everyone no matter their age. Local stores use the event to kick off the upcoming holiday shopping frenzy by offering lots of merchandise at sale and clearance prices, and music fills the streets.

Fall Color Tours

The whole of the U.P. is known for its beautiful leaf color at various dates throughout the fall period, with Dickinson County a Mecca for anyone looking to enjoy them. By checking with before heading out, you will be able to pinpoint when the peak color change for each area is expected to arrive. This year, Dickinson County is expected to peak during the first week of October. Grab a picnic basket and blanket and head off for a drive down any stretch of country road, or along one of the many rivers or lakes. You will soon find yourself so entranced by nature in her full-fledged show of color, that any stresses or worries you started out the day with will soon be forgotten.

Hunting and Fishing

While not everyone enjoys the sports of hunting and fishing, many people do. A bit of warning for those who fit this category, a trip to the north woods of Dickinson County Michigan is a trek that once you make it; you will want to come back repeatedly. Lodging can be found from motels and bed and breakfasts, to campgrounds, and rental cabins, and almost every establishment from lodging to eateries caters to the outdoorsman. Hunting clothing is as acceptable in most restaurants as a business suit. The fall season is especially a good time to visit, with hunting seasons for game such as rabbit, a mixture of game birds, turkey, whitetail with bow an arrow, or black bear with aid of dogs or bait being open, and various species of fish legal for the catching. Check with the Michigan DNR for specifics on seasons, license requirements, age restrictions, etc.

Biking and Hiking

Dickinson County Michigan has numerous trails for biking and hiking. One such located in the southern part of the county is the Fumee Lake Natural Area. It offers trails in distances from 1.6 to 7.2 miles in length. A new bike trail 2.8 miles in length is newly completed. The trails wind around Fumee Lake and Little Fumee Lake and are also open in the winter months for cross-country skiing. Trails are groomed, and more information including maps and other trails in the Dickinson County area can be found at the website.

Craft Shows

Dickinson County Upper Michigan is home to many crafts people and artists. Because of this, art and craft shows are often held in locales from schools and malls, to riverfronts and ski resorts in the off-season. Any place that has the space available might be open to hosting a group of craters and artists. If you come across such an event, be sure to stop, as you never know what you might encounter, including stained glass, metalwork, potters, quilters, caricature artists, weavers, jewelry crafters, spinners, and more.

Dickinson County Michigan has a lot to offer to anyone looking for a Fall getaway. Whether for the weekend or a full-fledged vacation, there are activities in abundance.

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