Need a Vacation Idea? Try Acapulco!

This has not been a very cold or brutal winter so far so thoughts of tropical paradises in different parts of the world have not been in the front of my mind. Other years, though, by the time mid January came around, tropical breezes and palm trees were a grand thought indeed.

If you want to plan a tropical vacation, why not try Acapulco? As I am writing this, I just checked the weather in this favorite getaway spot in Mexico. It is the 11th of January, it is not even 7:00 a.m. local Acapulco time yet, and people are waking to 70 degrees. I think I could get used to that rather easily! Oh, the high temperature today? It is projected to be 88 degrees. If only I’d have access to a corporate jet!

If you would like to spend some time where it rarely gets below 65 degrees at any time of the year, there are countless activities to do in this particular paradise. Some of the major activities that you may want to check into include:

1. For those choosing this type of vacation, especially in the middle of winter, sun and beaches are usually at the top of a list of things to do. Acapulco has a great number of beaches (miles of beaches, it’s a very popular resort area!) for taking in some sunshine or perhaps for a quiet dinner near the beach while you watch the sun sinking slowly over the ocean.

2. If you enjoy checking out the night life when you are on vacation, there are numerous discos, clubs, and restaurants that stay open late in Acapulco. Although various world cities are the same, it seems as if there is something going on here at any time of the night. “Never sleeps” describes this coastal city well.

3. Be sure to see the La Quebrada Cliffs and take time to see one of the daily shows the divers present there. This is the site used to shoot Elvis’ movie “Fun in Acapulco” and it is thrilling to watch the divers. If you choose the last show of the evening (highly recommended!) you will see torches being used for some of the lighting and it is spectacular.

4. Swimming and water sports are abundant in this area. Many tourists choose to snorkel sometime during their stay. Consider doing your diving at Isla la Roqueta which is a beach island. You can take a boat from here to see the sunken Guadalupe statue.

5. Spend a day shopping along the Avenida Costera Miguel Aleman. There are many hotels and restaurants along this stretch of road, and many places for shopping.

6. See the Museo Historico de Acapulco to get a taste of the history of this area. This will be especially interesting if anyone in your traveling party enjoys pirate stories. In addition to the museum, there is a fort that protected the city from invading pirates. It is called El Fuerte de San Diego.

7. Fifty acres with tropical birds flittering around can be found at the Papagayo Park. There is also a life sized replica of a Spanish galleon, gardens, rides, etc. If you need to get away from the busy city life for a while, this is a good choice.

8. If you want to see a marine animal show, take a glass bottomed boat ride to see the sunken statue, visit an aquarium, or have an afternoon of water sports, try Magico Mundo Marino.

9. Plan one of your days to include a cruise around the area. Cruise ships leave this area frequently. It will be a good idea to research ahead of time to find out which cruise operators will be offering the things you want to have on your cruise. Decide how long you want to be out, which services you want and so on and the decision will become easier with so many choices available.

10. There are various sports venues in Acapulco. You will be able to easily find a tennis court or golf course because they are found all over the city. You can rent some time with horses for riding, or rent a bicycle. Charter a boat for some deep sea fishing or rent a kayak. Acapulco is home to the next to the largest bullfighting arena in all of Mexico, too, but the season just runs part of a year in winter and spring.

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