Packing Toiletries for a Trip

Whether you are going on a long trip far away from home or a weekend jaunt only an hour or two away, packing your toiletry products carefully is an absolute necessity. Nobody appreciates arriving at their destination for some long overdue rest and relaxation to discover that their shampoo has leaked out all over their favorite pair of pajamas or favorite shirt! Egad! Read on for some tips about how to make your next vacation as stress-free when it comes to packing your toiletries as possible.

Choosing the “Perfect” Toiletry Bag

Ask any woman and she will tell you that everything starts with the perfect toiletry bag. Shop carefully for the most appropriate one to suit your needs. Look for a case that is open and has plenty of clear pouches so your items are easily visible and by so doing, the items will be simpler to locate inside the case. Buy a toiletry case that wipes off easily, both inside and out, in the event that something does get spilled. Avoid bags with fabric lining if at all possible and make sure you purchase one that is water-resistant. If you spill something on a bag with fabric lining no matter how many times you wipe it or clean it, the scent of the product often remains permanently.

Keep Like Items Together

Keep like items together. In other words, keep your toothbrush, toothpaste and dental floss in a separate pouch or compartment from your mascara, lipstick, eye shadow and blush. Buy a decent sized toiletry bag that can hold extras such as a pair of underwear, a pair of socks or pantyhose, a bathing, suit and so on. Toiletry bags that come with handles are the most convenient for traveling but double check to make sure that the zippers work properly because unzipped toiletries can spell disaster in the form of one big mess!

Trial Size Bottles are a Must

Pack trial size bottles where possible as they take up much less space then regular sized bottles of your favorite products. Another suggestion is to use the small plastic containers that 35 mm film comes in for small quantities of items. These tiny containers come in handy for a variety of purposes such as to hold hydrogen peroxide, rubbing alcohol, antibiotic cream, sunscreen, hand lotion, earrings, rings, a few cotton balls, and so on.

Leave flip top containers, aerosol cans, and any big, bulky products that take up a great deal of room at home where they belong. If you decided to invest in small, clear plastic bottles for items such as shampoo, conditioner or hair gel, do not fill them anymore than two-thirds full to avoid overflow. This is especially important to keep in mind if you are flying. For an added precaution, wrap each bottle in a plastic grocery bag before packing. Be advised that hair gel travels better than mousse (due to the fact that mousse is under pressure). As well if you can go without a hair dryer then leave it at home, or else purchase ac travel sized one. A great majority of hotels and motels provide hair dryers for their customers in their rooms.

Invest in Pre-Moistened Cloths

Pre-moistened cloths are excellent to invest in for trips and these versatile items can double as makeup remover and cleanser. Make sure you save enough room in your toiletry bag for the pre-moistened cloths when you are doing your packing. Equally as good to use and often cheaper are ordinary baby wipes. If these are mild and gentle enough for a baby’s delicate bottom then they should most definitely be mild enough for your face!

Think Moisturizer

For moisturizer go with one for your trip that will provide adequate protection from the sun’s harmful rays. Choose a sun protection factor (abbreviated to SPF) of a minimum of 15 but preferably 30 for optimum protection. If you are very fair skinned and burn very easily you might even want to opt for a SPF of 45. Always pack your moisturizer in your toiletry bag and place the bag in your carry on luggage if you are flying. All of your essentials and “can’t live without” items must remain with you at all times during your travels.

What Would Travel be Without an Atomizer for Added Hydration?

An atomizer is a must for travel, especially if you are flying due to the fact that different altitudes and changes in air pressure can be rough on the skin. Make sure you pack an atomizer in your toiletry bag. An atomizer allows you to mist your face and neck with a spritz of fresh, clean water whenever you are feeling dry and in need of some extra hydration for your skin. One of the top choices for atomizers on the market is Evian and Evian comes in a variety of different sizes from the tiniest for travel to small, medium, large and in some cases, extra large. There are other companies as well that sell atomizers, many at lower prices than Evian, and some have a pleasant, light scent to them. To keep the rest of you feeling hydrated and energized you might want to include a small bottle of a scented body spray or spritz in your toiletry bag. Calgon’s “Take Me Away!” products by Coty make some very nice ones, with some of the invigorating scents including Hawaiian Ginger, Turquoise Seas, Tahitian Orchid, Morning Glory, Perfect Bliss and Tropical Dream.

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