Planning the Perfect Extreme Vacation by Vonnie Crooks

If you are the type of person that considers a lazy vacation at the beach nothing less than torture, you may be one of a new and rapidly growing breed of vacationers that like to pack as much excitement into a trip as possible.

Extreme sports are growing in popularity, due in part to the many new safety features that make these sports a bit more mainstream, as well as the aggressive advertising campaigns from industry leading national adventure sports companies like that have increased public awareness. This new surge in popularity has created a new demand within the travel industry for customized vacation packages that target the adventurous traveler. When planning an Extreme Vacation there are several items to consider.

-What type of lodging is right for you? Are you looking for something that allows you to play hard during the day, but provides you with luxury accommodations to relax in the evenings? Or something more rustic with a cabin or lodge to unwind after your adrenaline packed day? You might even want to escape from civilization all together and spend an exciting day conquering rapids or taming the skies, then enjoy conversation around a bonfire at your campsite.

-Will you need transportation to and from your adventures? Some companies have arrangements that will allow you to take a shuttle from your hotel. Others can arrange for unique rentals like motorcycles (provided that you are properly licensed to operate one), exotic cars, hummers, or limousines. In some cases you might choose to rent a more traditional type of vehicle and allocate more funds to a wider variety of activities. It is best to have an idea about what is most important to you before you begin your research, since the choices can be pretty overwhelming.

-What is your current physical condition? Do you have certain limitations? It is important to choose your activities around realistic physical demands. Many adventure sports are accessible to participants of all different physical conditions and challenges, but it is critical that you let the company planning your adventure know of any limitations that could complicate or reduce your level of enjoyment. These limitations may not prevent you from participating, but may require some additional planning to ensure proper accommodations are made for you. For instance, if you have not be particularly active, a demanding rock climbing expedition that entails several days of camping and physically challenging cliffs or mountains might not be the best choice. You might want to consider an excursion that can be completed in a few hours and is classified as appropriate for a beginner.

-If you are above or below average in height or weight, you should also mention this so that the company can make proper arrangements to ensure equipment is available to accommodate you. Many companies can provide you with the right equipment, but this is something that must be handled in advance if your height or weight is above or below the average.

-Do you prefer a location with active daytime adventures like skydiving, hang gliding, or whitewater rafting, but that also has a robust nightlife? Your Extreme Vacation planning expert can help you select the perfect location for your adventure complete with a nightlife that will perfectly compliment your daytime excitement. There are many locations that offer thrilling daytime activities, but also include a thriving night scene with anything from gambling and shows to dance clubs or adult entertainment.

-Do you prefer a warm climate, or is your adrenaline fix centered a colder climate? The adventure sports world seems to have something for everyone. This includes sun worshippers and snow birds. Some sports can be enjoyed in both climates, but you need to have an idea as to which you prefer so that your adventure sports specialist can make recommendations.

-Will you be traveling alone, or with a group? Many of the new breed of adventure travelers enjoys meeting new people, and is not afraid to face an adventure alone. Others love to experience an Extreme Vacation with a friend or group. If traveling with a group, it is a good idea to discuss any physical or age limitations within the group to your planning expert to ensure no one in your party is left out.

-Be sure to ask your Extreme Vacation Planning expert for tips on what to wear and what to bring.

-Finally, make sure you choose a company that specializes in Extreme Vacations. Many travel coordinators will try to accommodate you, but if they specialize in sleepy beach resorts, you are less likely to capture the perfect Extreme Vacation.

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