Quick Getaways, Visit a Bed and Breakfast

By Christina VanGinkel

Not every vacation needs to be across the country or so far away that you need to take a plane or train to get to your destination. If you are in need of a getaway and cannot afford the money or the time for a long distance vacation, and cannot afford to put it off any longer as your mind is in as desperate need of a break as the rest of you, then look close to home. Consider going for a weekend to a Bed and Breakfast nearby to where you live, or to a ski resort or lodge that offers all-inclusive packages. This way, all you have to pack is a change of clothes, maybe your sports gear if this is something that is relaxing to you, and your toothbrush. An all-inclusive Bead and Breakfast or lodge package should include all of your meals, or at least breakfast and dinner. Ski resorts might offer similar packages, or other package style deals, such as a room, breakfast, and lift ticket. Your final choice should also be within driving distance, as you want to avoid any form of travel that will be costly or a hassle.

I found several Beds and Breakfasts in our immediate area by looking online for Bed and Breakfasts in the state I reside in at the start of my search. I then narrowed it down from there, keeping the search as simple as possible too, as my goal was to get away for a break, not add to my already large stress level. One Bed and Breakfast kept being repeatedly mentioned by friends and family. This was in the small town of Florence Wisconsin, the Lakeside Bed & Breakfast. It is less than an hour from my home, just one county over, and sits on the small, but lovely Fisher Lake. They have every amenity one might want, such as fireplaces and a decor of antiques, plus modern touches including DVD players in room, and high-speed Internet access. While they only offer breakfast, everything else fit what I was looking for perfectly, and a quick call to them assured me that there are several restaurants in the immediate area, so dining would not be a problem

Find a Bed and Breakfast, lodge, or ski resort close to your home through either word of mouth, asking around the office, or quizzing friends and family on any places they know about, or do a search online for any Bed and Breakfasts, lodges, or ski resorts that are nearby your home. Better yet, find your ideal getaway through a combination of these, much the same way that I found the Lakeside. Set a limit as to the distance that you will travel before you begin your search; say within a one or two hour driving distance. Then stick to those limitations. If you end up extending it even a bit further then you wanted to go, it will quickly turn into a chore getting there and not be the quick getaway it is suppose to be.

If you feel that you normally must accomplish something when you travel, such as shopping, sightseeing, or going to a show, but what you really need is peace and quiet, then remind yourself that is what your goal is for this trip, peace and quiet. There is nothing wrong with going away for the weekend and staying in your room the whole time, especially if you choose a room at a quaint little place such as the Lakeside Bed & Breakfast in Florence Wisconsin.

Take a book with that you have wanted to read, and then kick back and read it. On the other hand, take with a sketchbook if art is something you love to do, but can never seem to find the time to attempt. Think of quiet activities that you just never seem to find the time to do, even when you take a larger vacation. Because so often then, you always have something planned, so that the quiet activities that you might have liked to do, just never seem to make it into the schedule. If you are a crafter at heart, bring along your current project or start one, a scrapbook and a few pictures, yarn and hook, or even a simple bead project. No procrastinating, just do it.

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