Samal Island, Philippines

Samal Island is a distant away from the shores of Davao, being known for its white sand beaches and several resorts that cater tourists and locals. Its virgin islands were well protected from commercialization to preserve the ecotourism.
For almost quite a while, Samal has been one of the subjects I had made for my ecotourism designs, since the island is a potential for development. Many designs apprehended to be passed in order to enhance the beauty of the island that will invite tourists. The several islands including the vanishing islands is one of the attraction. Tourists are welcome for scuba diving, site seeing and swimming due to the rich underwater wildlife.
Getting to Samal is as easy as getting one ride bus to the next stop as for the locals using bus or jeepney, these modes of transportation carried over to a water vessel and transported to the island. You may also have ferryboats exclusively for Paradise island resort customers. The ferryboats are waiting in interval in the Lanang shores while another exclusive boats are in Sta. Ana Pier. Wind and Wave and several other boats servicing through the island are available for booking in Sta. Ana Pier. You may choose on going to Talikud and Vanishing island.
Samal is very convenient for those who want to unwind and getting in touch with nature. One of the famous resorts you will find here is the Paradise Island. The towering coconut palms and mangrove along the sides keep the air and water clean. They had preserved the beauty of the nature by establishing only few huts and well maintained food courts. Inside you will find a mini zoo where all kinds of birds found in the island are present including turtles, snakes, monkeys and deer. They also cater for stay in customers or tourists in the island, amenities are present like tennis table and playing area for children. The resorts are open all year round. What is beautiful in this place is the serenity being close to nature. The resorts here are prohibited from too much commercialization to prevent pollution and keep the beauty of the nature. Even when swimming at the shores, you still find small fishes leaping over the shores.
The vanishing island where it is appropriate for scuba diving is breathtaking. When going to the middle of the island at high tide, you will only find three huts that were made for those staying in the island. You can walk through the vanishing island at knee high however beware to the depth of some are not the same. Always carry with you a life jacket when swimming is not your forte. The local government keeps the vanishing island to be a mangrove sanctuary, most of the people visiting the island have with them mangroves to be planted. This is to shelter the fishes and secure the coral reefs.
A main attraction around the island is the Pearl Farm, where there is also a sanctuary for pearls. A resort where tourist can stay with different bonus packages. You will experience the fabulous site for sunrise and sunset. The establishments are designed according to the culture of Mindanao where you will find a replica of houses for Maranao and other tribes in Mindanao. The weather in Samal is just amazingly perfect where it is free from typhoon. The crystal clear coastline rich with underwater life.
Caves are found in Talikud Island, hiking is the best activity in White Stone Mountain and go fishing in San Jose Muslim Fishing village. Hagimit falls are just spectacular as going to the beach in Pena Plata.
There is so much outdoor activities you can enjoy for you and your family. No noise from the city, all are calm and simple. People living in the island are hospitable to accommodate tourists. No wonder the island was chosen as dream cities of the future by the Institute for Solidarity in Asia or ISA.
Plans for the Samal Island to be part of the tourist attraction in the Philippines are laid out for the next five to ten years. A world-class eco-tourism that will boost and enhance Samal Island. What is important of developing the area excite the tourism industry without disregarding the natural beauty of the island.
I can really see the potential of Samal Island for so many ways just when the local government will open its doors by providing transportation to the island, getting people to access the tourist areas.

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