Scrapbook Vacations, Retreats, Crops, and More!

By Christina VanGinkel

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Scrapbooking has not only taken hold of the whole craft and design industry, it has also made an impact on the travel industry. While scrapbooking is a way to honor your heritage and can be a relatively personal form of art, it can also be a bonding experience between those of us who are so enraptured with this wonderful form of expression. Maybe you want to scrapbook, but just do not know how to progress further than organizing your photos, or maybe you have not even accomplished that. On the other hand, you could be on the opposite end, and have numerous scrapbooks already filled, wonderful layouts galore, but you want to be able to share them with others beyond your immediate family. Maybe you are somewhere in between the two, and are looking for some inspiration to progress, to give a new perspective to your layouts, or want to see what some of the new tools are out there up close and in use before you lay out the money to add them to your own collection. Any of these reasons and dozens more has created the opportunity for scrapbook retreats and overnight crops to take hold and create a complete new layer to this wonderful art form.

If there are no crops or retreats in your area, do not fret, you probably just did not hear about them. Many are small affairs, put on by scrapbook groups or through organizations such as churches or women’s organizations. Not to say that men are not welcome, because as scrapbooking grows in popularity, it is reaching across the sexes and men are not only scrapping, they are designing for the masses and are becoming part of the strong backbone that supports this industry.

Back to the crops and the retreats, if there are no crops or retreats in your locale, or if you want to go to one outside of your area, you can pick from retreats lasting from overnight to weeklong affairs nationwide. Some upcoming crops and retreats that I found by just doing a basic search online include:

The Rubber Stamp and Scrapbook Expo, February 25 and 26, 2006, located in Pomona, California are hosting ongoing crops during the show. You will have three feet of table space, and there will be communal tables set up for sharing tools from companies such as Xyron and Sizzix. They also have upcoming shows in Arizona, North Carolina, Texas, Washington, and Rhode Island.

For those looking for a weekend retreat for both scrapping memories and making new ones, check out the Scrapbook Dairy Weekend Scrapbooking Retreat and Spa. Located near Indianapolis Indiana, in Flat Rock Indiana in the heart of the Midwest, there is a store on the premises for all of your needs in case you forget something, or do not even know what to bring, and as you will be cropping in what was once an old hayloft, space is abundant.

Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Conventions are located in Portland Oregon, Kansas City Missouri, St. Louis Missouri, Mesa Arizona, Nashville Tennessee, Manchester New Hampshire, Buffalo New York, Valley Forge Pennsylvania, Charlotte North Carolina, Tulsa Oklahoma, Phoenix Arizona, and Bellevue Washington. These conventions offer everything from classes to crops, contests, and much more. If you want to really take a peek at what scrapbooking is all about, even meet a few of the celebrities that have made scrapbooking what it currently is, a Creating Keepsakes Scrapbook Convention is the perfect place to start.

While these are just a small sample of what is available, you will find crops, spas, retreats, and more available across the country. There are retreats and crops available in small towns, big cities, and everywhere in between. Some are associated with stores selling supplies, while others are just basic getaways, where everyone brings their own supplies. Groups can sometimes receive discounts, the same as any other type of vacation or weekend getaway, but there are also many opportunities for singles and even couples. Try a scrapbook retreat or crop if a getaway with a twist is something that you think might be just the type of relaxation you need. Be warned though, that once you go to one, it will be difficult to not want to go repeatedly!

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