Steve Wyrick: Real Magic

If you are considering a magic or illusion show as one of your entertainment choices while in Las Vegas, you may want to consider “Steve Wyrick: Real Magic.” This recent visitor highly recommends it!

I must admit that, until this trip, I’d never heard of Mr. Wyrick. My guide book focused on Lance Burton for his fame, and other shows for their assorted offerings and convenience. (Some are in the afternoon and others offer more than one show per day.) However, in January 0f 2007, Steve Wyrick opened in his own theater, the Steve Wyrick Entertainment Complex in Planet Hollywood. After many years in the business, and 10 in Vegas, he will also be getting his own behind-the-scenes reality show, set to film within a few months.

Mr. Wyrick is an affable, good looking performer, with an innate ability to relate with his audience and involve them in his production, even if they aren’t participating in his acts. He does this with many personal reflections and stories of his past, such as using actors to portray his family while he was young and learning magic tricks. By the end of these 90 minutes, one can’t help feeling that they really “know” Steve Wyrick.

He utilizes audience participation in a number of ways-he pulled one young lady to the stage to join him at a table for a glass of wine and a course of several card tricks-which were displayed on large monitors behind him. On a few occasions, he requested items from the audience members-one including borrowing someone’s engagement ring-and used another individual for help with another very involved trick, as well as a child for another act. In every case, he gave something to the participant (and in the case of the child, a videotape of her involvement). Yet, due to the relative smallness of his theatre, it did not appear that being up on stage would be intimidating, especially since Mr. Wyrick creates the feeling of intimacy; it’s easy to feel that one is amidst friends.

Lest you think that this is another one-man show in a fairly plain and low-keyed setting, with minimal sets and accompaniment, think again; after all, this is Vegas. There is the glitter and glitz in his sets, of course those talented and beautiful backup dancers, and music which appeals to all ages. There is nary a pause between numbers, and Mr. Wyrick’s variety of illusions has been planned to keep viewers from losing interest for even a minute. His screens, props, and professional accoutrements assure that a viewer will leave the show feeling a sense of personal involvement.

My personal favorites involved the “portrait” of the model that came to life, the girl in the tank, and, like most people, the final moment in which he displays his ultimate magical abilities. An unexpected treat was being able to get autographs and individual photos taken with Steve Wyrick after the show. Not many headliners wish to take the time to thank those who have come to see them perform in this way, so it just adds to the overall endearing character of Mr. Wyrick. Although his dancers are sexy, and the show is by no means dull, his show is family friendly, with no profanity or suggestions that make a parent shudder. In fact, it seems that like most high caliber entertainment, Steve Wyrick: Real Magic has universal appeal.

My family and I were able to get discounted tickets for a Sunday evening performance at the half-price outlet near Planet Hollywood, although it meant waiting in line for a half hour about 2 hours before it was to start. But, with everything in Vegas fairly close, we had plenty of time to return to the Flamingo, change, and make it in time.

With his supreme confidence and excellent skill, Mr. Wyrick is well deserving of this new phase of his career. Here’s hoping that after the country sees his new TV show next season, he will become just as highly recognized as David Copperfield and Criss Angel, because he’s quickly moving into their league.

(Note-“Steve Wyrick: Real Magic” takes place at 7 and 9 PM, but days vary. Tickets are priced between $75 and $100, and discounts may be available.)

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