Summer Vacation Ideas

If it is a summer vacation you are looking for, look no further, this is the place to be. Here you will find a helpful list of summer vacation location ideas and the reasons why these are good destinations.

First, consider what you want in weather. If you are looking to escape the heat and humidity of many states in the summertime, consider going somewhere that has a drier climate. The mountains of Colorado, Wyoming, California, and of course Alaska are wonderful in the summer time. In these places you will find dry air, which, even when the weather is quite warm, will feel comfortable. The dry mountains often get quite chilly at night and you will find that you and your family will want sweaters or sweatshirts, and possibly even light jackets. Yet the days warm up into the 70s and 80s, and these western states offer abundant sunshine. The sunshine is wonderful for all the mountain vacation activities you will want to take advantage of, such as fishing in the mountain streams, horse back riding, white water rafting, hiking, mountain biking, or simply sitting in the sun on the wooden deck of your mountain cabin. Many vacationers from hot and humid southern states find a refuge in the mountains of the western states during the summer months.

If it is a warm, beach vacation you seek this summer, our great land offers a huge selection of beaches. From the miles of endless beaches in California, the warm waters of the Gulf Coast, the palm trees and sandy beaches of Florida, and on up the East Coast to the cool waters but warm beaches in Maine, most vacationers will not have to travel too far to find a beach. Even those in the upper midwest will find breezy, sunny beaches on the Great Lakes. A beach vacation in the summer gives vacationers the summer warmth they might be seeking, while offering an ocean breeze to take away the stagnant humidity. Even in Northern California and Maine, where the Ocean waters often do not get much above 50 degrees, the air is warm and pleasant, and brave beach-goers will take a dip into the frigid waters before getting back out on the sand to warm themselves. The beaches in these northern locations are often less crowded than the more southern beaches, but the air is just as warm and the scenery is spectacular.

Many people will not be able to venture too far from home this summer, due to finances or work commitments, but the beauty of our great nation is that we can find vacation and adventure right in our area if we use a little creativity. If you live within a couple hours drive of a medium sized city, you will find all kinds of things to do on a simple day trip. All cities have parks in which to have picnics, and many have bodies of water, such as a lake, a pond or a river, by which families can take walks. Nearly all cities have museums, art galleries, and historical information; in fact, you may learn something new about your city or state that you did not know before. If you live in an exceptionally hot area of the country, these indoor excursions will be a welcome, air conditioned retreat on a hot summer day. And check to see if the city you will visit has an indoor ice skating rink. There is nothing like bringing the breath of winter into your summer day, but taking a few spins around the rink when the thermometer is reaching the 90s outdoors.

Lastly, in spite of rising gas costs, you may like to take a road trip this summer. Often the best way to see the country is to get in your car and simply start driving. You may want to bring along camping gear, or look for discount lodging along the way. Either way, driving is still less expensive than flying, and if you go, consider taking the back roads and avoiding the interstate highways. While interstates are more convenient, better tended, and will get you there faster, the back roads offer glimpses of small towns and Americana that would otherwise be missed.

Bon Voyage!

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