The Hill In East Africa Where Water Flows Upwards

This could probably be the ninth wonder of the world but very few people are aware of it yet this location is probably one of the very few places on earth where the laws of gravity do not apply. Or rather they work in a strange way.

It is situated in East Africa about 150 km south of the Kenyan capital Nairobi in Machakos district along the Machakos-Mitaboni road on a 200 yards climbing lane where one is amazed at the absence of gravitational force as water flows upwards once poured on the road.

That is not all. Driving a car along the climbing stretch, you will realize that the vehicle will negotiate the climb effortlessly and even on neutral, the vehicle will manage to get to the top on its own.

This strange phenomenon has become a popular attraction with the local community from Machakos town with many of them taking the weekend off to tour the site with their families and marvel at this inexplicable and strange happening.

For one to really appreciate this strange phenomenon, you need to start at the top of the road and attempt to run downhill. You will quickly realize that you need to make a lot of effort to descend and even motorists have to accelerate hard while going downhill or the car will end up stalling in the middle of the descend if the neutral gear is engaged.

On my initial visit to the area, I could not believe the story of my guide and I had to see and feel it for myself to believe but when we left the site at the end of the day, I was more puzzled than ever and could not comprehend what had happened. I had no logical explanation for it.

My visit to various geologists and other experts on this field yielded nothing and to this day I am yet to explain why the laws of gravity do not apply on this desolate stretch of tarmac in some remote town in East Africa.

The locals have also taken advantage of this strange happening and will mill around any vehicle which stops near the location and even offer water from a nearby river for visitors to pour on the road and marvel at what transpires next.

Apparently, the locals have various versions in their attempt of trying to explain this strange phenomenon among them is the belief that there once lived a prominent leader of supernatural powers who had two wives with each living on both sides of the road in question.

Legend has is that the wives were jealous of each other and took every opportunity to outdo each other as they both strived for more attention from their husband who got tired by this and cast a spell on the road so that the women could not cross it and meet each other, as a result, the spell later affected the laws of gravity, or so the locals wuld have us believe.

Another common belief among the locals is that the road probably lies at the center of the earth where the gravitational rule does not apply while others believe that the area has a large magnet underground which gives the laws of gravity the opposite effect. But if this is true, where did the magnet come from?

Among others, it is believed that there are vast amounts of mineral deposits of unknown nature and are affecting the rules of gravity hence the strange phenomenon that has puzzled thousands of residents from the nearby tranquil town of Machakos where hardly anything else seems to happen.

About a decade ago, geologists from the Kenyan government’s ministry of environment and natural resources visited the area and carried out extensive research including taking rock samples but nothing was ever heard of their findings – if any – and the matter was never discussed officially again.

It seems that the government also does not have a logical explanation for this and decided to sweep the matter under the carpet instead of seeking foreign experts to assist in finding an explanation for this most strange phenomenon that could easily be the ninth wonder of the world after the recently named eighth wonder which is the annual wilder beast migration from the world renowned Masai Mara game reserve in Kenya to the Serengeti national park in Tanzania where thousands of animals make the perilous journey across the crocodile infested Mara river.

Apparently, not even local investors have bothered to move into the area and provide amenities for the various visitors who tour the area every year and maybe because not many people know of its existence and those who hear of it are just like me, they have to see it first to believe.

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