The Top Ten Things to Do In Canada

Canada is a large and diverse area and there is so much to see and do in around the country and it is so underappreciated by both Canadians and Americans. Whether you come for a day, a week or a month or if you decide to pick up stakes and move here, there are a myriad of things to do and see and well, you will never get bored when you visit here!

1) The CN Tower. The CN tower was and still is the tallest free standing structure in the world. Built in the 1970s, it was a feat of engineering and still is today. Take the elevator to the top (the Sky Pod), you will truly be at the top of the world! Complete with 147 stories, in 1995, it was listed as one of the Seven Wonders of the Modern World.

2) Taking The Via Rail Through The Rocky Mountains. This picturesque mountain range is located in the western provinces of Canada. The mountains get their start in Saskatchewan and make their way to the coast. Via Rail runs from Toronto, Ontario to Winnipeg, Manitoba and from there, it runs all the way out to British Columbia. It is a sight that is unparallel in view and one that you will not soon forget.

3) Found right in the centre of the Rocky Mountains is a beautiful lake called Lake Louise. Found in Banff, Alberta, in the heart of the Rockies, this lake is designated a World Heritage Site by the UN. It is an amazing thing to see pretty much anytime of year. If you go during the winter, there are areas around there that you can go skiing at and well, if you go during the summer, there is much to do and see.

4) Stanley Park is the pride of Vancouver and the largest park in the city. Found on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, the park measures over 1,000 acres and size and offers a plethora of things to do for just about any age group. The park is surrounded by a walking, rollerblading and bicycle route that stretches over eight kilometres around the park and is known as the seawall. The park also boasts a farm for kids; an aquirum and a miniature railway along with the usual beaches and the like. It is something to see should you find yourself in Vancouver!

5) At the other side of the vast land known as Canada, you will find the Atlantic Ocean and along with that the infamous Cabot Trail. The trail is located in Nova Scotia and loops around Cape Breton. The trail is 298 kilometres long and loops through several small communities including a national park. On a clear day, from some of the higher elevations, you can see much and receive a great ocean view (the day we visited however, it was rainy and foggy, so you could not see much)

6) The Bruce Trail is one of the longest and oldest hiking trails in Canada. It is approximately eight hundred kilometres long and stretches from St. Catharines, Ontario on Lake Ontario all the way up north to Lake Hurron at Tobemorry, Ontario. As it runs through part of the city I live in, I have had the opportunity to hike part of it and it takes you past waterfalls and other gorgeous scenery and if you are a hiker, well this is a must!

7) The Parliament Buildings. The parliament buildings of Canada and is home to the federal government of Canada and are loosely modeled after the Parliament buildings in England. When you visit Ottawa, you can go see the buildings for free and see where important decisions that are made by government are made. If you are lucky, you can even get a peak at the senate and House of Commons while they are session.

8) The Quebec Winter Carnival is a must see if you are in Quebec City at the end of January for two and a half weeks, it is one of the largest carnivals in the world and certainly the largest winter one. Everything that you would associate with winter is available such as dog sled rides, night parades and snow and ice sculptures, but even more than this. There is even an ice hotel that you can stay in It is truly and experience!

9) The Calgary Stampede and Rodeo is held in Calgary, Alberta and features rodeos and chuck wagon rides and races and turns the whole city into a town from the old west. It is held during the month of July and runs for ten days that celebrate the way of life of a cowboy.

10) Algonquin Provincial Park is located in northern Ontario (about 210 kilometres north of Toronto, Ontario. The park features 7,725 square kilometres of forest, lakes and rivers and is a popular escape and a snapshot of the true Canadian wilderness. There are many lakes for kayaking and portaging along with areas for hiking, camping and fishing. It is the great Canadian outdoors at its very best!

Of course, this short list just skims the surface of the amount of beautiful sights, both man made and natural that Canada has to offer, that one should not miss when visiting Canada and since Canada has so much to offer, so why not think of Canada as your next holiday destination.

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