Travel Entertainment

Traveling is an amazing adventure, however after hours and hours and hours in the car. . . the hours can get long, and boring. Making a car trip interesting and entertaining can not only make the time pass more quickly, but it can keep you and your friends or family fresh and more able to enjoy the destination when you arrive. When my husband and I take long trips we pack entertainment bags with a variety of items that will chase away boredom blues while en route. These stimulate the senses, break up the monotony and keep you on speaking terms with your companions while in close quarters. Try a few of these ideas in your own entertainment kit on your next road trip.

-Conversation books: there are loads of inexpensive books available at bookstores jam-packed with random and versatile questions, all with the goal of illiciting creative conversations.

-Books on tape or cd: local libraries and Cracker Barrel stores allow checking out of books on tapes or cds that are extremely engaging. I confess to remaining in my car to finish a story even after reaching my final location!

-Games such as Trivial Pursuit, and other mind stretches strengthen your intellect while you move through the miles.

-Check out international/cultural music cds from the library and jive with your traveling buddies.

-Video games, books, are traditional standbys that melt minutes.

-Pack magazines that contain quizzes on a variety of topics that can be discussed and debated with fellow carmates.

-Include tasty, healthful snacks, as well as some treats that you might not usually have at home.

-Sleep is always tempting for me when I’m a travel passenger. A suitable blanket and pillow are necessary for comfort and real rest.

As you head out on the road for your next adventure, remember these tips for keeping the journey fun, memorable, and boredom-free! Happy travels!

Have a joyous journey!

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