Traveling to the Emerald Isle?

If a trip to Ireland is anywhere in your future, planning to spend some of your time in Dublin will most likely be something that you will be deciding. While you are researching this destination, one of the things that you will discover is that Dublin is quite well known for its night life. The city has more than a thousand pubs and each one has a unique ambiance and some of the best food you will find as a tourist.

Another thing that is great to do while in Dublin is to catch some concerts and maybe find a venue to listen to Celtic music. It is popular here in its country of origin. You will not run out of things to do in Ireland.

One of the first things that many visitors plan to see is the Dublin Castle. This area offers many great opportunities for taking pictures and videos of your trip if you happen to have a video camera with you. This land once held a Viking fortress in the 900s A.D. and then in the very early 13th century, King John of England had a stronger building put up here which became the castle. It has been standing here since its completion in the year 1230.

Plan to stop by the area called Temple Bar if you want to find one of those pubs or do some shopping. This is also a place where you can learn a lot about the culture of the area as well as some of its history. You can also catch a movie or show here at the cinema center.

If you need to or want to plan some quiet time during your visit, there are dozens of museums in and around Dublin. The biggest and best is found in four different buildings and one of them isn’t even located in Dublin proper. It is the National Museum of Ireland and you can spend hours learning about natural history, archaeology, history, Irish life, and decorative arts.

If you are traveling with children or enjoy animals yourself, plan to stop by the Dublin Zoo to see some of the animals that roam on these 70 acres of land. You will be able to see some endangered species here. The zoo is divided into different areas that include the arctic, Africa, and areas for primates and all kinds of cats large and small.

Plan a tour of the Christ Church while you are in Dublin if things like that interest you. It has been here since the early 1000s and tours are offered. If you find tours of cathedrals something that you want to do more often, St. Patrick’s Cathedral also in the city is another option.

Do you wish to experience what this area was like before it was named Dublin? There is a living history museum village that will let you experience the time period when “Dyflin” was the name. There are buildings to explore and you can board a Viking ship. As in many other living history sites around the world, you will find costumed guides here to show you around and answer any questions that you may have. It is called Dublin’s Viking Adventure.

If you want to spend some quiet down time, look for one of the numerous lovely parks around the city. You will be able to find free concerts at some of them and many of the area parks cover acre after acre of trees, flowers, fountains, lakes, and monuments. These parks are excellent for getting some exercise in also if you hike the trails around them.

A few other things to do while spending some time here include a stop by the National Gallery of Ireland to see some of the best artwork in all of Europe or the National Wax museum where you will see a wax offering of the Last Supper as well as much more. Highlighted here are figures that represent fairy tale characters, so if you are traveling with children, be sure to research this further to see if it is a stop the whole family would enjoy. If you are traveling sans young children, you may enjoy the Chamber of Horrors or the wax figurines of stars.

No matter what it is that you desire to do from sports to fine dining to making the theater and show circuit, you will find plenty of things to fill your time in Dublin.

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