Unique New York Eateries That You Gotta Try

By Brandi M. Seals

New York City is known for several things: Central Park, cutting edge shops and unique eateries. It is perhaps the eateries that stand out the most. There are few other cities in the United States where one can travel such a short distance and get authentic Italian, Spanish, and Russian dishes. Heck, pick any sort of food. Chances are you can find it in New York.

The next time you are in New York, try some of that one-of-a-kind food. While there are several different places to choose from, I recommend checking out the following places. Each one prides itself on their delicious and impressive food that is hard to find anywhere else.

Pommes Frites –
Pommes Frites is not your ordinary restaurant. In fact, it is not much of a restaurant. It is more like an indoor vendor that only sells fries; authentic Belgian fries that is.

Belgian fries are different from our traditional fries because the potatoes are fried twice. The first time in the oil cooks the fries, the second dip in makes them extra crisp and golden. Here in the United States, we usually just cook the fries once.

The words “pommes frites” mean fried potatoes, but these tasty treats are more than just fried potatoes. They are deliciously crisp fries that are served with a variety of sauces. There is more than just ketchup available. There are a whole list of unique sauces to choose from; like Irish curry, pesto mayo, parmesan peppercorn, and wasabi mayo among others.

While you might think these gourmet fries would cost an arm and a leg, they are quite reasonably priced. Regular size runs $4. A large is $6.25. And, the largest size, a double is $7.50.

Next time you are in New York stop by Pommes Frites. The shop is located at 123 2nd Ave. in New York City (between 7 and 8 Streets).

Serendipity –
Serendipity was made famous in the movie Serendipity. John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale’s characters enjoy some chocolaty treats from Serendipity at the beginning of the movie. No one could forget how delicious and absolutely indulgent the dishes looked. Since then the eatery has been highly acclaimed by Oprah and several other stars.

The restaurant features usual entrees, but it is not at all common when it comes to their desserts and frozen drinks. The frrrozen hot chocolate is one of their best drinks. But, they also have a frozen espresso drink, strawberry supreme, and many, many more. What makes them so great is their large size and absolutely delicious taste.

If you do not want your treat to be a drink, consider trying the outrageous banana split. It runs $20 and is not for the faint of heart. In fact you better be hungry if you are going to try to eat this monster alone. Instead, split it with a friend. If you prefer pies and cakes, try the humble pie, big apple pie, or the chocolate blackout cake.

Serendipity is located at 225 East 60th Street, between 2nd and 3rd Avenues, in New York City.

Carnegie Delicatessen and Restaurant –
The Carnegie Deli opened in 1937 and is adjacent to Carnegie Hall. The deli is among the most visited restaurants in the city and was called the “most famous” deli in the United States by USA Today.

The Carnegie Deli offers turkey, corned beef, pastrami and other sandwiches. All of which come with at least a pound of meat. Many even have unique names or are inspired by celebrities. You may be wondering why the portions are so large. That is because it is the restauran’s motto that “if you can finish your meal, we’ve done something wrong.”

In addition, the deli is well known for their cheesecakes which come in several flavors. Most notable are the truffle tort cheesecake and the rugelach cheesecake topped with milk chocolate. The deli also carries traditional foods such as borscht and matzoh ball soup.

Carnegie Deli is located 854 Seventh Avenue, between 54th & 55th Streets. If you can’t make it out to their New York location, perhaps you can enjoy them in Las Vegas. The deli opened a second location The Mirage Hotel and Casino in 2005.

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