Video Lists Top 10 Travel Destinations by Visitor Count

These are the top 10 destinations, presumably for a reason.  Knock out this list before you move on from this world.  To help you get there on a budget, check out HotChirp’s  Airfare Trending on Twitter and Hotels Trending on Twitter pages, which frequently have hot deals you can take advantage of.

Among the travel destinations included are Barcelona, Hong Kong, Kuala Lampur, United Arab Emirates, Istanbul, New York, Singapore, Paris, London, and Bangkok.

One thought on “Video Lists Top 10 Travel Destinations by Visitor Count”

  1. Kuala Lampur is my favorite tourist destinations that you shared in your post. It is the capital city of Malaysia and also a rapid socio-economic and cultural development center. Bukit Bintang is very famous area for its shopping places eateries areas. I have been there before my boston to niagara trip for a business meeting. After completing my work I have decided to visit this city. Its Chinatown is a breathtaking place to see. It is a nice place for food and gets some cheap goods.

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