Viewing A Space Shuttle Launch

In reviewing some online resources, I came to the conclusion that the best place to view a Space Shuttle launch is from the beach in Titusville, more specifically at Space View Park. However, once we arrived, my MapQuest directions to “Space View Park took me to nowhere, and nobody I asked in the area these directions led me to knew what Space View Park was. So we just drove to the beach area, parked, and walked into the beach area of a local condo. The view was awesome.

What I learned, however, is that although from the south it was easy to get in, it is impossible to get out. Specifically, it took over five hours to get off of the beach at Titusville and to Orlando, normally a one hour trip, bumper to bumper virtually the entire way. Ugh.

What I learned from this is that, unless you not mind paying the price of hours of bumper to bumper traffic, it makes the most sense to find a hotel on the beach in Titusville and not leave until the day after a shuttle launch. Spend the night.

As for Space View Park, there appears to be better directions than what I used, but I was notably pleased with just any old beachfront location off of US1. We were sitting next to a lifetime resident that told me that any of these spots are the best you will find.

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