Visiting Corning, Arkansas

This past summer, my son and I traveled with my husband to Corning, Arkansas. My husband is in the cable business, and he had to go there to upgrade their cable system. I researched Corning on the internet, and found that it was a very small town, with not much to do. I didn’t even know if they had a hotel for sure! But, when we arrived, I got quite a surprise. It was a small town, but the people were very friendly, and we found a few interesting things to do to pass the time.

We stayed in a hotel right on the main street called The Relax Inn. It was owned by the family who ran it. They were so friendly that we felt like we were staying in someone’s home instead of a hotel. We had barbecues with them and played games outside. They had a small pool in back that they let me and my son use while my husband was at work. We were grateful, because it was almost ninety degrees every day we were there. The owner had two young grandsons that came and played with our son a couple days a week. They quickly became friends.

There was a small restaurant right across the street. It was named Breakers Drive In. They had the best food and it was really cheap. Breakers had a different dinner special every night. It was always something off their regular menu, but it was cheaper than usual. They sold everything from shrimp dinners to corn dogs. You could either go in to eat, or go through the drive through. They also had a gazebo outside where you could sit and eat if it wasn’t to hot. We ate lunch and dinner there almost every night of the week. They also had the best ice cream in town. I don’t think a day passed that we didn’t walk across the street in the early evening to get a malt or a hot fudge sundae.

During the day while my husband worked, I would take our son down to the community pool. It was a large outside pool where you could swim all day for fifty cents, or half of a day for a quarter. There was always two trained life guards on duty, and one other person walking around the pool to keep an eye on rambunctious children. They also had a small kitty pool for toddlers and infants. In the big pool, there was a diving board that the older children loved. There was always a long line at it, but everybody waited for their turn anxiously.

Right next to the community pool was a large playground. It was right next to the school, but the public was aloud to use it, also. Right down the road was the local Wal-Mart, and Pizza Hut. On the other side of town was a small mall that had the grocery store Wallace and Owens, and a few other small stores including the video store and a dollar store. Also in the mall was a building where every Saturday they had a large auction. We went once and my father in law won a Deluxe Scrabble game for a dollar! What a buy! Next to the grocery store was Sonic’s, the fast food chain. Also in town was a great little shoe store, a hair salon, and a couple of gas stations.

On the outside of town, there were a couple more restaurant, and a large Community Center. You could go to the Community Center every weekday morning for a quarter. You could play basketball, ping pong, or golf. You could also use their weight training rooms, and walk around the top of the basketball gym. To play golf, you had to pay more than a quarter, but you could rent equipment and golf carts there. It was a full eighteen hole golf course. The building was very modern, and pretty. It had a huge water fountain right out front. Once in awhile there would be ducks swimming in it.

Around the town of Corning, there were a lot of rice fields. I had never seen rice fields before, and they are very interesting looking. Also around Corning, there were many fruit stands that sold all kinds of fresh fruit like watermelon and all other kinds of melons. There were also a few small flea markets every weekend.

We were very sad to leave Corning, Arkansas, but we have great memories. If you ever get a chance to visit it, try staying in the Relax Inn and eating at Bumpers. I’m sure you will have a great time.

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