What’s Gay In Montreal

History/Description of Montreal

There are not too many places where you can find a place, totally surrounded by its own country which speaks a totally different language. Well, at least not anywhere in North America. One place that this phenomenon can be found is on the Isle of Montreal, Canada located in the Québec province. Though Canada is an English speaking country, Montreal is the second largest French-speaking city in the world after Paris. Also known by the name “City of Saints” a great number of the street names that you will find in the city is named after saints. This reflects the city’s Roman Catholic history and origin. According to the 2001 census, the population of the city proper topped in at 1,584,590, but according to the 2006 population of the greater metropolitan area, it boasts a population of at 3,640,000 in 2005 making it the 15th largest city in North America and the 77th largest city in the world. Askmen.com was gracious enough to rank Montreal as the number one city to live in the world all account to the culture, architecture and history.

Its gay district

With as many people as mentioned above living in one city, there has got to be an area of the city that is strictly devoted to where gender benders reside and decide to play and there is. Montreal’s Gay Village can be found by trotting up rue Sainte-Cathrine Est or by hopping on the Metro and getting off at Beaudry Station. Rivaling the size of Chicago’s Boystown, Motreal’s Gay playground runs from rue Berri to rue De Lorimaier, roughly 2 miles of man-meat bonanza. I would suggest that if you want to take a trip to this northern isle, take it in the summer or when the weather is warmer. You will get the most bang for your buck, I promise.

Where to stay

Le houseboy

The population of the city’s residents and visitor makes it possible to have a number of hotels and hostels devoted to making your stay in the French speaking Mecca one that you are not soon to forget. When I was planning my travel to Montreal last, I was hard pressed (no pun intended) to find a place where I can let my proverbial ‘hair down’, with out causing too much of an uproar. I was lucky enough to happen upon a place where I could do just that. In fact, this humble aboard was created with the gay male’s mind in mind. On my last trip to Montreal was just a few years ago, but I stayed at Le Houseboy which is conveniently placed in the middle of Montreal’s throbbing gay life. This bed and breakfast for men is just one-minute’s walk from Saint-Catherine street the accompanying Beudry Merto station. Le Houseboy is smoke free and makes you feel at home with its comfortable decorated rooms and charming owners. While I visited, the two were had their wedding ceremony. Equipped with cable television and air conditioning you will have no problem easing yourself into the room while taking a break from the wares of the district.

Where to eat

I found that Montreal is not only home to one of the largest Gay district in North America, but it also boast over 4,000 restaurants where you can survey more tha 80 different international cuisine. Here are a few that have the perfect combination of male eye candy and succulent taste-bud seductions.

Bato Thaí1310 rue Saite Catherine EstMontréal, Québec514-524-6705

La Strega du Village1477 rue Sainte Catherine EstMontréal, Québec514-523-6000

Le Club Sandwich1578 rue Sainte Catherine OuestMontréal, Québec514-523-4678

Le Planéte1451 rue Sainte Catherine EstMontréal, Québec514-528-6953

Le Staff1278 Sainte Catherine EstMontréal, Québec514-522-7175

Café European (Complexe Bourbon)1560 rue Ste-Catherine EstMontréal, Québec514-523-4678

Where to play

As mentioned above in the beginning paragraphs of this article, Montreal has established itself as one of the largest conglomeration of gays and lesbian. This being said, it would not be much of an information rich article if I did not include some of the best places to play in the city.

Campus Bar1111 rue Sainte Catherine EstMontréal, QC514-526-3616

Circus After Hours915 rue Sainte Catherine EstMontréal, QC514-844-3626

Club Date1218 rue Sainte Catherine EstMontréal, QC514-521-1242Cocktail1669 rue Ste Catherine EstMontréal, QC

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